4/5/2019 - #7 m-it Brown

• April 11th, 2019

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12/11/2018 - #6 Birthday Special w/ Ken

• April 11th, 2019
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9/1/2018 - #5 m-it Brown

• September 4th, 2018

m-it Brown returns for a chat!

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4/20/2018 - #4 Ken (re-upload)

• August 27th, 2018

#AquaponicsApril & Holiday Hijinks

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12/17/2017 - #3 Ken RETURNS!!

• December 18th, 2017

Ken... is... BACK!

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12/9/2017 - #2 m-it Brown

• December 10th, 2017

m-it Brown joins me for a chat.

Video: https://youtu.be/CKIf1-aYzV4

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12/1/2017 - #1 DisciplineDEBTcemer Day 1

• December 5th, 2017

Sexual Questions for Ken


Corner Store Robbery

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stonerchat Sings

• October 21st, 2012

Harv has a broken arm...


But a new stonerchat is on the way. Sorry to the ... "fans". Anyway, since a full episode's editing can't be done right now... here's what happened when Harv and Ken decided to play along with the Songify App.

Download the Songify App at the iTunes App Store:


Download the Songify App for Android on Google Play:


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The DJ East Oakland Roy Special

• February 10th, 2012


Comedy Partners

Web Camel dot com (Note:... real thing, apparently)


Wilmington to Oakland

The Campaign to get stonerchat on the Radio

Twitter: 900+

There's a lot of penises out there

Throwing it to Roy

DJ East Oakland Roy Part 1: Weed and Welcome

"DJEastOaklandRoy"!  gone!

Take-out from Chuck E. Cheese?

Harv's not good at segways

DJ East Oakland Roy Part 2: 100 Strains?

Swan penis?

Harv's REALLY not good at segways

DJ East Oakland Roy Part3: Kelly Clarkson, Google, and Pause... No Homo

Harv's a bear... or a peach... WHAT?

DJ East Oakland Roy Part4: Bong, Roy?


DJ East Oakland Roy Part5: People you know on the news

Peter Phile

White people penis euphemisms?


How would you kill someone?

Animal magazine?

Offer a small child some sweets?

Email from LEWIS!

re-read it Harv... out loud!

DJ East Oakland Roy Part6: Roy's Animal Question

Leave Roy ALONE P.E.T.A.!

Give a shout out, Ken!

DJ East Oakland Roy Part7: Bald Animal?

Bald Animal update: Bear

Ken Flagrantly breaks Copyright Law, BAD KEN!


DJ East Oakland Roy Part8: Antiquing?

Ken has Antiqued

Old man catalog

Cat Law

DJ East Oakland Roy Part8: Pause... homo?

Old people dildos

The Baby Jesus Buttplug?


Sexual Questions for Ken

Tom: Sex in a different hemisphere?

Tom: Proximity to a mortuary?

Roy: "3 in 24"

Thought for the day: Grape Juice... 3 in 24s?

DJ East Oakland Roy Part9: Thanks to DJ East Oakland Roy!

The Campaign to get stonerchat on the Radio!

Moment of Ken: Ken's Birthday

Links to DJ East Oakland Roy:

Download THIS MAN! http://eastoaklandroy.bandcamp.com

Unpack THIS MAN! http://hulkshare.com/DJEORoy

Watch THIS MAN! 

Follow THIS MAN! https://twitter.com/#!/EastOaklandRoy

... and stonerchat... https://twitter.com/#!/stonerchat

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Season 2 - Episode 2

• December 26th, 2011


Interview with "DJEastOaklandRoy"


Ken's Random Movie Review: Goonies

Food Pics on the Back

Ken Can't Handle It

Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town

Removing the Fur w/ shouts to John Aykroyd


Harv's Skinny Jeans - Part Deux

Ken's Mom on facebook

Sexual Questions for Ken:

Sex in front of pets?

Costumes KEN VETO!

Our White Whale Submitted a Sexual Question for Ken

Slapper or Poker?

Moment of Ken: Harv's Birthday

Leonard Nemoy's "Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town"

Download Leonard Nemoy's version of "Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town" HERE:


Download Milan Nikolic's "Cipela" HERE:


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